GaleWrap, an ITW Corporation company, introduces the new GW-3500™ Mobile Pallet Wrapper as an alternative for conventional hand wrapping. The GW-3500 is a portable all-in-one pallet wrapper and pallet jack which offers improved productivity, consistently wrapped loads, elimination of wasted film and reduced worker injuries.

The GW-3500 is able to handle 70” diagonal loads, wraps 10 loads/hr and runs at 11 rpm. Other features include manually adjustable film tension, up/down wrapping cycles, independent top and bottom wrap pattern selection from 1-9 wraps and a “splash-proof” wrapping mode. The mobile pallet wrapper also eliminates load failures by securely wrapping each load. The mobility of the GW-3500 allows for wrapping anywhere and its small footprint allows for easy storage.

The GW-3500 Mobile Pallet Wrapper and other GaleWrap Automation models are available through GaleWrap’s Wrap ‘n Ship™ Program. The Wrap ‘n Ship Program features free spare parts, free service labor, technology upgrades and offers low monthly maintenance fees. In addition to marketing GaleWrap® Oriented Film and Oriented Equipment, ITW-GaleWrap also provides Yellow Jacket brand orbital lock-down stretch wrap equipment and services.

For more information, contact GaleWrap, 1320 Leslie Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134. Phone: 866-425-3727, fax: 770-489-7511. Website:,, e-mail: [email protected].

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