Handheld Label Printer

Handheld Label Printer

Graphic Products’ DuraLabel 2000 PLUS handheld printslabels on one-half-inch, one-inch, and two-inch vinyl supply and operates on a rechargeable battery. Its large LCD screen (2.62" x 1.31") shows five lines of a label design at a given time and provides an easy-to-read, high resolution display (256x128 pixels).

Two alternating heat elements means zero printer cool-down time is required—meaning the printer will not overheat. It prints at 0.40-inches per second, and automatically sizes text and images to fill the space on the label.

The 2.7-pound DuraLabel 2000 PLUS is suited for industrial labeling applications including 5S labeling, pipe marking, equipment identification, rack labeling, electrical panel labeling, safety information labeling, barcode labeling, wire and cable wrapping, and valve tagging. A pre-installed library consists of 250 industrial safety symbols, and the battery prints 100 feet of labels on one charge.

Graphic Products

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