Handheld Programmer

Minneapolis, Minn. - TURCK Inc. introduces a new handheld unit to program data carriers within its new BL ident RFID system. Read and write operations are easily programmed to the data carriers at any location with the handheld unit. The data is then displayed on an illuminated touch screen (in decimal, binary, hexadecimal and ASCII code) where it may be edited and written to the appropriate data carrier as required.

The BL ident handheld operates with Microsoft Windows CE, making data transfer as simple as exporting a Microsoft Excel fi le. A WLAN connection allows the BL ident handheld to transfer data directly to a SPC or PC, regardless of the location. This means that the data is always available – even when the automated system is standing still.

The handheld unit also features automatic read operations, comparison of data records, defi nition of password protected areas and option WLAN, Bluetooth and GPRS features.

For other TURCK product or technical information, contact: 1-800-544-7769 • www.turck.com[email protected]

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