Handle-It® Angle Adapter is an option for Guard Rail that allows for a 45 degree angle to be created. The standard Guard Rail without the Angle Adapter allows for straight lines or 90¢ª turns. Guard Rail is ideal for preventing damage to expensive machinery, equipment, office walls, and assets. By using the Angle Adapter feature with Guard Rail, your rails will be able to follow and protect any curves your aisles or offices may have. The Angle Adapter can be combined with all of our Guard Rail options such as, the Lift-Out Adapter, and the Down Guard Adapter to fit a wide range of applications. Angle Adapters are easy to install with instructions and hardware that is included with every adapter. All Angle Adapters are painted powder coated safety yellow.

Let their customer service representatives help you with any questions by calling them at 800.236.1080, faxing them at 414.453.9975, or visiting their website at www.handleitinc.com.

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