Harrington Hoists Beam Clamps

Harrington Hoists Beam Clamps

Harrington Hoists Inc. introduces universal beam clamps available in one- through 10-metric ton capacities.

The clamps are used when a temporary or semi-permanent hoist anchor point is required for overhead lifting and vertical rigging. They are also used as below-the-hook lifting devices. Features include a built-in suspension pin for low headroom, lock nut feature to resist loosening and an adjustable jaw opening for a range of tapered and flat-flanged beams.

The beam clamps meet ASME BTH-1, ASME B30.20, comply with portions of ASME B30.16 and have a design factor minimum of 5:1 per ASME B30.16 requirements, says Harrington Hoists.

Harrington Hoists Inc.

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