Hawkeye Perfect Measure

Hawkeye Perfect Measure

St. Charles, IL – EPIC Group - Global Technology (EPIC), a market leader in the area of Data Synchronization Initiatives with Global Trading Partners, has announced the introduction of its Hawkeye Perfect Measure™ and Verification system for Companies utilizing Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems in the Data Synchronization and Package Shipment Industries. It is a hardware and software solution which has been designed and developed in conjunction with Doran Scales, Inc. A Partnership Venture between EPIC and Doran was announced in May 2007.

EPIC has developed Hawkeye Perfect Measure as a hardware and software solution that addresses inaccurate measurements, both dimensions and weights, and verifies they are perfect within .005 of an inch accurate. Hawkeye Perfect Measure™ addresses the key issue that is missing in any Data Synchronization Project or Package Shipment process, which is the validity of the measurement data that is being utilized by the shipper or transporter, specifically the Dim Weight which impacts the shipper’s costs with a carrier. The system can also be utilized by companies that ship packages Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C).

“It took almost 12 months to study and analyze the major problem that exists with Data Synchronization and package shipments,” said Greg Weismantel, President/CEO of EPIC, “and particularly the reason why many Data Sync projects either stall or fail. What we found is that it all comes down to having accurate data and being able to verify that the data is accurate, but not just one time, on a continual basis. Also, the Retailers/Wholesalers involved in Data Sync projects all complain that synchronizing inaccurate data from the Supplier just means that poor data is being moved back and forth in the Global Community, so they question the need to synchronize poor data.”

“In package shipping, every company is now being charged back by the national freight carriers for packages and cases with the improper measurements and weight, because there is a weight factor called ‘Dim Weight’ that accounts for the costs to ship less weighted products that have large volume cases.

Until the introduction of Hawkeye Perfect Measure™ Systems there has been no integrated hardware and software solution that allows critical case and item data to be verified between Trading Partners.

Greg Weismantel, President
Epic Group - Global Technology
Phone: 630.587.9988 Ex 22 - Fax: 630.587.4281
[email protected]

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