HD Pallet Charger

New HD Pallet Charger™ Charges Up To 12 Batteries At Once

Dallas, TX — If you sell, stock or service lead-acid batteries, you need the HD Pallet Charger from PulseTech. This
heavy duty rolling charger will charge up to 12 batteries at one time. It also uses our scientifically-proven ReNew-IT
Pulse Technology® to help clean damaging lead-sulfate deposits off the battery. This buildup is the main cause of
battery problems and failure. By removing these energy-dampening deposits, your batteries can accept, store and
release MAXIMUM power when you need it.
• Charges and cleans up to 12 batteries at one time
• Fully automatic rolling smart charger senses battery condition and provides appropriate charge current per
• Prevents battery gassing so you can charge batteries while they sit on the pallet
• After being fully charged, batteries are float charged until needed
• Cleans battery plates of large damaging lead-sulfates so batteries can accept, store and release MAXIMUM
power when you need it
• Eliminates charging problems usually associated with old style buss bar or gang chargers
• Very effective on deeply discharged batteries that have been taken out of service in the past
• Works with all lead-acid batteries (flooded cell, AGM and gel)
• One-switch control and progressive, easy-to-use LED read-outs
• Low resistance, very flexible, replaceable battery power leads
• Includes semi-pneumatic wheels and powder coated 14 Ga cold-rolled steel cabinet
• Built-in cable storage
• Constructed for outdoor use
• One-year Limited Warranty

To learn more about the HD Pallet Charger and the full line of patented battery-related products available from
PulseTech, just call 1-800-580-7554. Or see our Web site at www.pulsetech.net. PulseTech Products Corporation
is The World Leader In Battery Performance Technology.

Contact: Kevin Hosey, 1-800-580-7554

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