Headset for “Pick by Voice”

Headset for “Pick by Voice”

The Imtradex LogiTalk headset series includes several models which can be tailored to the specific communication requirements of a logistic storage system. It optimizes the ergonomic interface between user and voice system and allows a logistician to benefit from Pick by Voice technologies.

The headset connects to a mobile handheld or PDA and acts as interface between picker and the “Pick by Voice” speech system. It ensures interference-free and understandable transmission of voice commands in noisy environments thanks to acoustic shock protection and a noise-cancelling microphone.

The LogiTalk XS is a light monaural headset, while the XSN and the NB 4000 versions are rugged and robust neckband sets. The NB4000 also provides an additional elastic strap to fix the neckholder set firmly to the head. Both units are helmet-independent, so they can easily be worn with or without helmets. The binaural heavy duty model LogiTalk E provides hearing protection and communication in one.


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