Health-Monitored Horizontal Carousels

Health-Monitored Horizontal Carousels

Sapient’s Hornet Horizontal Carousel improves productivity, space usage and accuracy for storage and retrieval applications of small parts, items and cases. Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring (IMHM) is built in at no charge for reporting 24-7 each carousel's health to the servicing technician and Sapient Automation's central monitoring center.

A full range of carousel bin sizes, lengths and heights are available to meet virtually all applications. The system increases productivity and reduces labor by up to 2/3 by brining items to the operator and eliminating wasted walking and searching activities.

A push of a button or scan of a bar code will rotate the carousels to the nose end to be picked by an operator with the aid of integrated pick to light or voice directed picking. Systems can be designed with simple push button or foot switch controls and can be integrated into existing WMS and ERP systems.

Sapient Automation

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