Heavy Duty End Rider

Heavy Duty End Rider

Yale Materials Handling Corporation’s MPE060-080VG end rider series withstands heavier duty cycles, featuring capacities of 6,000 – 8,000 lbs.

The undercarriage has been enhanced with more robust tie bars, frame sections, linkages, casters and bearings to provide greater strength and stability. That equates to steadier load handling, longer up time and greater durability.

Reinforced with 25 percent more steel, the MPE060-080VG series’ forks are designed to provide superior pallet entry and exit. Increasing fork-pallet interlocking pressure by 500 percent helps to secure the pallet to the floor and allows for successful first-attempt pallet exit. The increased exit roller size reduces a pallet’s tendency to drag on exit.

With the Smart Coast Control with Pick Assist option, once the operator has the handle in an optimum position for floor level order picking, he can advance the truck to the next picking location at a walking speed, keeping the handle at that position until Smart Coast Control is disengaged.

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