Hi-Tech ball transfer units

New Hi-Tech ball transfer units available from SKF® Linear Motion & Precision Technologies incorporate double seals to exclude debris and promote reliable performance even in severe operating conditions. They have been engineered for quick and easy mounting on warehouse floors or other surfaces for efficient “ground floor” movement of cargo and equipment.

Hi-Tech ball transfer units consist of a large load-bearing ball that sits upon small balls encapsulated in a hemispherical cup. Their design creates a multi-directional, material-handling system that enables heavy loads to be moved smoothly along with minimal effort and friction. Ball transfers can serve as durable, rugged, and practical alternatives to wheel casters.

A top cover seal in Hi-Tech ball transfer units removes larger particles and an inner knife-edge scraper seal skims liquid, paste, fine dust, and other contaminants off the large ball and expels the debris through side vents. A dirt exit hole can further be specified.

Hi-Tech ball transfer units integrate steel or stainless steel load balls and bearings, offer high impact resistance, and can withstand severe organic solvents, petroleum, and oil. Their 25.4mm load balls can handle up to 705 lbs. per unit, depending on type.

Custom ball transfer units can be developed to satisfy particular application requirements.

Contact Kody T. Fedorcha, SKF Linear Motion & Precision Technologies, a business division of SKF USA Inc., 1530 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem, PA 18017-2266. Phones: 800-541-3624 (toll-free) or 610-861-3733. Fax: 610-861-3737. Web site: www.linearmotion.skf.com

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