High-Capacity Bag Palletizer

High-Capacity Bag Palletizer

The BEUMER Group’spaletpac high-capcacity layer palletizer stacks PE and PP bags, layer-by-layer, on pallets of all common sizes up to a stack height of 7.8 ft with geometrical accuracy and extreme stability. The user can set the required parameters using a multi-program. The paletpac is fitted with a clamp-type turning device or double belt turning device which moves the filled bags quickly and gently into the required position. Even bags filled with granulate can be palletized in a gentle and dimensionally stable manner. For particularly demanding product handling tasks, such as bags filled with PE granulates which have a particular flow behavior or bags which are subjected to high temperatures and high humidity, BEUMER uses ventilated and specially coated layer stacking table in the palletizing process. The ventilation produces a cushion of air between bag and layer stacking table, preventing bags from sticking to the supporting surface and enabling them to be palletized stably.

The BEUMER Group

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