High-Capacity Flow Rack

High-Capacity Flow Rack

Creform Corp.'s 42mm pipe and joint system is used to create high-capacity flow rack for handling heavy totes or boxes. This pipe is said to be 2-1/2 times stronger than its standard 28mm pipe, and is also suitable for workstations and carts enabling higher holding capacities using fewer support elements and joints.

The 42mm flow rack shown features four vertical frames, each with a single angle brace for stability. This can reduce the overall operating cost of the structure because it takes less assembly time while using fewer joints and pipe. It is 102" wide, 50" deep and 55" tall and has three, six-lane levels with a total weight capacity of 1,800 lb. The 55" height of the rack allows most people to see over the top while keeping the three conveyor levels in the ergonomic strike zone, which is key since the unit is designed to hold heavier containers.

Creform Corporation

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