High-Frequency Battery Charging System

High-Frequency Battery Charging System

Crown Equipment Corporation’s V-Force High-Frequency Modular (V-HFM) battery charger is said to provide 15 percent more efficiency than traditional Ferro and SCR chargers while fully charging electric forklift batteries to 100 percent in eight hours or less. It achieves 93 percent efficiency over the entire charge cycle.

The 46-pound charger contains three interchangeable power modules and occupies 67 percent less space than typical charger cabinets. The compact and lightweight design allows installation flexibility. It can also be mounted on a wall or rack.

The V-HFM Charger uses a constant current – constant voltage – constant current charge profile to reduce battery-damaging heat generated during charging. Charge termination is determined by the change in voltage over time, preventing over and undercharging and maximizing battery and charger efficiency.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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