High-Speed Assembly Robot

High-Speed Assembly Robot

FANUC Robotics America Inc. has introduced the M-3<em>i</em>A intelligent, parallel-link robot designed to maximize speed and flexibility for assembly, small part handling and picking applications. The M-3<em>i</em>A robot is a larger version of the company&#8217;s M-1<em>i</em>A robot introduced last year. Available in a four- or six-axis model, the M-3<em>i</em>A offers the same parallel-link structure, is lightweight and portable, and accommodates payloads up to 6kg. In addition, it has a work envelope of 1350mm x 500mm.

The M-3iA six-axis model has a three-axis, patent-pending wrist for complex assembly tasks. The flexibility offered by the three-axis wrist enables the robot to pick up and insert parts at simple or compound angles, and twist parts into place, similar to the flexibility offered by a manual operator.

A four-axis M-3iA has a single-axis wrist for simple assembly and high-speed picking operations, offering speeds up to 4000 degrees per second. In addition, a hollow wrist allows hoses and cables to be routed internally, which minimizes wear and tear on the tooling cables.

FANUC Robotics America Inc.

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