High Speed Conveyors

Dynamic Conveyor, manufacturers of the only modular conveyor system that can be reconfigured, announces the ability for conveyor speeds up to 200 feet per minute. The DynaCon conveyor system offers modularity that is so flexible that purchasing replacement conveyors for light-to-medium-weight conveying needs may never be necessary again.

High Speed Conveyors
DynaCon® modular conveyors are now available in higher speeds, up to 200 feet per minute (fpm), for high through-put applications. The variable speed motor allows conveyors from 4” to 72” wide to operate at speeds from 20 to 200 fpm. Benefits of the high speed modular conveyor system include:

  • Variable speed motor (20 to 200 fpm)
  • Energy efficient 115V motor
  • Variety of widths ranging from 4” to 72” wide
  • Modular with the ability to change length in increments as short as 6-1/2”

DynaCon modular conveyors offer continuous benefits. DynaCon modular conveyors are custom conveyors that can be configured and reconfigured from standard modules. For initial conveyor installations, DynaCon conveyors make it easy to build the conveyor around the machinery, not build the machinery around the conveyor. When change is needed, conveyors can be easily reconfigured (like Lego® blocks) on the customer’s production floor. Modules are built using plastic injection molded parts, which bring strength and durability to the conveyor system while being light-weight enough to be portable. Flexibility of design includes choices for length, width, inclines, declines, lateral turns, belt styles and an array of accessory options. Standard accessory options include metal detection, clean room, water tanks, cooling fans, box filling, split belt, ergonomic tilt, etc. DynaCon conveyors require no maintenance and are easy and cost effective to repair. Because of the ability to be reconfigured again and again, DynaCon conveyors can be used for a lifetime!

For more information on DynaCon conveyors visit www.DynamicConveyor.com or call 1.800.640.6850.

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