High strength 42mm diameter pipe

First, Creform® Corporation introduced its new high strength 42mm diameter pipe plus 15 new metal connecting joints and three popular accessories for use with the pipe at ProMat `05. Then, to top off the show, a new series of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel joints, and fasteners were unveiled, once again broadening the application potentials for the Creform System, the adaptive material handling components created to continually improve manufacturing operations. The new Ø28mm pipe 304 stainless series of products, designated as SU7 pipe and SUS-suffix joints, complement Creform’s existing series of plastic coated steel pipe, and provides an extended working temperature range of up to 300oF (140oC), plus is chemical, moisture, corrosion and abrasion resistant. These properties give users the opportunity to employ structures—such as workstations, carts, shelving, racks and tables—in harsh chemical and high humidity environments, for food preparation and medical applications, for clean room situations, and high temperature processes such as autoclaves used in aerospace industries. Further, the stainless steel is polished to provide an attractive and high-tech appearance, making the pieces suitable for displays in retail and trade show settings.

The new SU7 pipe is approximately 1.4 times stronger than the company's standard Ø28mm plastic coated steel pipe, thus increasing load capacities or allowing for longer spans with less bracing and support. Tests have shown that a piece of Ø28mm steel pipe supported at two locations 900mm distance can support up to 70kg (154 lbs.) applied at the center point before being permanently deformed...the new Ø28mm stainless steel pipe section of the same length could withstand up to 97kg (213 lbs.) under the same test conditions. In addition, because of its wear resistant surface the stainless pipe can also be added to other Creform structures in place of standard Creform plastic coated pipe to provide abrasion protection from items that might normally wear off or cut the coating.

The seven SUS joint options offered include connections for joining stainless steel pipes into ‘T’ configurations, three-pipe corners, and long run splicing connections. As the stainless steel components are the same size as the standard steel parts, stainless steel structures can utilize the numerous accessory hardware items available, including ‘skate wheel’ conveyor sections, casters, hinges, hitches, channel and extrusions, flat-sided pipe, wire conduit, pipe end caps and base feet, clamps, label holders, hangers, latches, shelf supports, springs, tool holders, and floor locks. Standard Creform metal joints can also be used with the stainless steel pipes.

Structures built from Creform’s stainless steel pipe and joints are available as custom, made-to-order assemblies or in pre-fabricated kit form for customer assembly.

The Creform System is a material handling concept...more than just a product, it is a series of pipes, joints, fixtures and hardware accessories that can be easily designed and fabricated by users, operators and assemblers—the people who know the job best, into a host of multi-task handling structures. Creform is a major component for continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. Creform Corporation partners with many of its customers in developing and implementing these programs.

Visit www.creform.com for additional information regarding Creform Corporation and its products.Structures such as this, built from Creform’s stainless steel pipe and joints are available as custom, made-to-order assemblies or in kit form for customer assembly.

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