High-Visibility Lift Trucks

High-Visibility Lift Trucks

LiuGong Machinery Corp., is introducing a new line of lift trucks to the U.S. market, supported by LiuGong Forklift Americas, located in Katy, Texas.

Three of the new machines include the electric, three-wheel, pneumatic tire CLG2015AT and the four-wheel, electric, pneumatic tire models, the CLG2015A and CLG2020A.

The 2015AT’s driveline is controlled by the Italian-made SME control system with brushless AC dual drive motors and AC hydraulic motors that can stand up to tough duty cycles. This technology offers diagnostic software for quick and accurate parameter changes and diagnostic troubleshooting. The 100% AC system has no brushes so maintenance is minimized. Dual drive motors allow the drive tires to counter rotate for better maneuverability. The sealed wet-disc brakes eliminate adjustments and repairs.

The four wheel 2015A and 2020A models offer two power system choices: the SME AC Control System or the American-made Curtis SepEx DC Control System, offering the DC SepEx drive motor and the DC series hydraulic motor.

Each features a standard two-stage mast with wide channel spacing for better visibility and a lift height of 3,000 mm. Optional three-stage masts with lift heights of 5,000 mm are available. Secondary lift chains and auxiliary hydraulics mounted 90 degrees behind the channels also aid visibility.


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