Minneapolis, Minn., – SICK, announced the launch of its HIPERDRIVE® Format Adjustment Drives, an integrated system that includes a motor, gears, absolute encoder and field bus communication capability. The HIPERDRIVE (Highly Integrated Performance Drive) enables automated changeover on printing, packaging and metal-processing machines.

The HRA25/35 and HDA30/45 HIPERDRIVEs represent the optimum alternative to manual changeovers that use hand wheels, particularly in those machines with several adjustment axes. It is also an excellent alternative to servomotors and other drive combinations since the HIPERDRIVE housing completely encompasses all the components that are usually required in such an environment. Another component built to support these drives is the HIPERDRIVE – HUB, which is ideal for connecting several drives to a field bus system and reduces the amount of wiring needed.

In today’s logistics operations, the trend is toward smaller batch sizes with faster lead times. In such production facilities, product changeovers necessitate a variety of setting changes. The HIPERDRIVEs offer the best solution for these types of applications.

Product features include multiple rpm (revolution per minute) ranges, high static holding torque, field bus interface, status information and simplified cabling requirements, which enables the end user to increase productivity and improve quality control. The drive is rated IP65, allowing it to function under harsh environmental conditions, such as paper and wood dust, sanding, or the abrasion of rubber.


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