HK Systems-Irista Opens Second RFID Test Facility

HK Systems-Irista has opened a second radio frequency identification (RFID) test facility at the company’s manufacturing facility in Hebron, Kentucky. The test center offers companies the opportunity to experiment with various RFID equipment and system configurations to support their pilot efforts.

The 6,100-square-foot facility houses 400 feet of case conveyor capable of speeds up to 600 feet per minute. This test lab simulates actual operating flow rates to analyze the read rate capabilities of different products using a variety of RFID readers and tag positions. Pallet configuration setups can also be tested for optimum RFID reads using a drive-through RFID portal.

The test facility complements the RFID Integration Center, located in Milwaukee, which opened earlier this year. The Integration Center serves as a technology test bed to enable companies to advance their understanding in the use of RFID in manufacturing, quality control and distribution. The center demonstrates practical applications of RFID technology across the supply chain. Visitors to the RFID Integration Center have the opportunity to develop an implementation roadmap through workshops and roundtable discussions with technology experts and industry peers.

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