MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - HK Systems, Inc., introduces the HK75/x – a family of automated storage and retrieval machines providing the ideal solution for applications requiring dense storage and high throughput for a diverse set of SKU’s, cases, and/or totes.

A state-of-the-art storage and retrieval machine, the HK75/x is extremely versatile with the capability to readily transport both cases and totes with dimensions ranging from 8” to 24”. With the ability to support a wide array of extractor mechanisms, the HK75/x creates a more efficient and more responsive supply chain, capable of fulfilling smaller order sizes at increased frequency.

Key features of the HK Micro Storage and Retrieval Machine include industry leading speeds and accelerations, scalable design, multiple and flexible extractor options, dual and independent lift carriages, and maximized utilization of shelf space with “dynamic shelving.”

For more information regarding the HK Micro Storage and Retrieval Machine and/or HK Systems’ offerings, visit, or call 1-800-HKSYSTEMS.

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