HMS-P150, HMS-P125 and HMSP108 (RFID TAGS)

Escort Memory Systems has long been know as the leader in providing durable RFID systems including Tags Reader/Writers and Interface Modules. Keeping with this reputation, EMS is proud to announce the addition of several new tags to its product line.

The HMS-P150, HMS-P125 and HMSP108 are three new PCB tags, ideal for embedding in pallets, totes, or small containers. The minute size of the HMSP108 (8mm diameter) allows it to easily be fixed to the bottom of vials or pill cases, and hence has tremendous potential in the Phara/Biotech industry. All three of the new HMS tags have 736 bytes of read/write memory, and a data transfer rate of 1000 bytes per second. In appearance the tags are significantly thinner than the HMS125, 108, and 150 versions, and are designed for less extreme conditions than the high temperature models.

New to the FastTrack (LRP) series of tags and reader/writers is the LRP125V. Originally designed for applications in the Laundry/Drycleaning industry, the rugged nature (survivable in temperatures up to 100 °C) of this tag, along with it’s low profile make it ideal for any project that involves tracking material or product through various washing or cleaning stages. The tag uses Phillips I-Code technology with 48 bytes of read/write memory and a data transfer rate of 1200 bytes per second. Testing for this tag involved boiling, steaming and baking it for prolonged periods of time. Throughout all of the tests the tag preformed flawlessly.

With this expansion of both the HMS and LRP series of RFID tags, EMS continues to position itself as the market leader in providing RFID solutions for any environment. For more information about these and any other products, contact EMS at [email protected].

For more information contact:
Suresh Palliparambil
Director of Marketing
Escort Memory Systems
Phone: (831) 438-7000
Fax: (831) 438-5768
Email: [email protected]

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