Hoist for Clean Rooms

Hoist for Clean Rooms

The David Round Company’s Lab-Lift is an all-stainless steel strap hoist engineered for demanding clean room material handling. It features a polished finish and a urethane-coated lubrication-free lifting strap, eliminating the particulate contamination associated with chain hoists or wire rope hoists. There is no metal-on-metal abrasion to create particle contaminates.

The hoist mechanism is housed in a smooth-sided polished 304 stainless steel enclosure for easy wash-down. The enclosure slides away to allow easy cleaning of internal components. A wiper seal for the strap helps isolate the hoist’s internal mechanism from the clean room environment.

Construction is all-stainless steel, including motors and motor brakes. Gearing is sealed, with food grade lubrication. Welds are smooth-ground, faces are flush-mounted and fasteners are plugged to further reduce potential contamination. Load hook and latch are stainless steel.

The David Round Company

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