Hopper/Mini Silos

Hopper/Mini Silos

FLORENCE, KY - A proprietary new dry bulk hopper mini silo system comprised of one or more reusable containers now enables companies handling dry bulk materials to initiate a "Go Green" program to replace fiber drums, cardboard boxes, wood pallets and super sacks. The rugged plastic containers serve as multi-purpose all-in-one shipping, storage and dispensing systems. According to company sources at DW Global Group, the investment for a multi-purpose dry bulk hopper system can be as little as $5,000 to $10,000, with a ROI (return-on-investment) in less than a year.

The new system comprises strong, reusable translucent containers that efficiently and effectively eliminate the need for traditional, non-green and wasteful containers that often are damaged or simply discarded after one or two uses. Provided with secure lids, the system allows manufacturers and processors to ship and receive materials in the same containers, and dispense directly from them, allowing customers to increase their productivity. Units can be stacked up to 3 high for a total of 2,400 lbs (1088.62 kg).

Benefits include:
o ROI in less than a year
o Excellent way to accomplish a GREEN program
o Reusable containers that eliminate the need for fiber drums, cardboard boxes, wood pallets and super sacks
o Secure lid to enable manufacturers to ship material to processing manufacturing operation
o Improved weighing and batch system, along with the use of a vacuum system to ensure material availability
o Reduced downtime and fatigue
o Hoppers can be stacked up to 3 high for a total of 2,400 lbs. (1088.66 kg.) of material
o Each hopper has valve underneath for easy flow of material from hoppers to manufacturing machine
o Hoppers can be filled and stacked for recurring scheduled orders, making process even more efficient
o Hoppers designed to improve handling, increase productivity and reduce waste.

Applications are virtually unlimited, and can include: plastics, pharmaceutical, food, sand, metal powders, dry detergents and agricultural products, among, others, or wherever powders, pellets or granules need to be shipped, stored and/or dispensed.

During operation and use, the dry bulk hoppers can be filled and stacked for recurring scheduled orders, making the process much more efficient. They improve handling, increase productivity and, most important, eliminate waste.

For more information on the new dry bulk hopper/mini silo system, contact: Marketing Department, DW Global Group, 8459 F U.S. 42, #292, Florence, KY 41042. Tel: 859-466-5065. Fax: 859-384-7998. E-mail: [email protected]. Web: www.dwglobalgroup.com.

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