Hydraulic Dumper

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada – Most available hydraulic dumpers used in factory production processes do not provide adequate rotation of parts-containers to ensure that all parts are fully discharged. The Hydraulic Rotation Dumper from Hi-Tech Weighing Systems provides full 180-degree rotation, inverting the container so that no parts are left behind.

Standard versions of the Hi-Tech Rotation Dumper provide a dump height of 48” and a load capacity up to 6000 lbs. that will handle a container up to 60”L x 60”W (60”x60”x60”). Standard features also include heavy-duty framework, manual controls and a fixed hold-down bar. Available options include a 60” dump height, 8000 lb. capacity, a pneumatically activated hold-down bar and dumper stands to accommodate dump heights over 60”. Hi-Tech can also furnish optional automatic controls configured to enable the Rotation Dumper to be integrated with other automated machinery and operations.

Hi-Tech Weighing Systems is a division of Powell Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of material handling and automatic packaging systems based in the U.S. More information is available by contacting the company or visiting their website at www.powellsystems.com. More information on Hi-Tech Weighing products is available on the web at www.hitechweighing.com.

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