Hygenic Plastic Pallets

Hygenic Plastic Pallets

Polymer Solutions International’s ProStack Solid Deck Pallet is hygienic, easy-to-clean and easy-to-inspect. The solid top produces unilateral support across the full plane of the pallet’s surface, so that all products are completely supported through transport and storage.

It features a telescoping double leg design that incorporates a series of interlocking “teeth.” This ratchet-style construction secures the top deck to the base via the interlocking legs to yield a connection three times stronger than welded or snap pallet construction designs. The double leg construction forms nearly half an inch of damage protection; double the thickness of traditional, single leg pallets.

With enhanced strength and rigidity engineered into the legs, the pallet resists damage caused by forklift and pallet jack impacts. Additionally, the pallet’s bottom deck is designed to prevent damage caused by pallet jack over-pumping.

The ProStack Solid Deck Pallet measures 40 x 48 x 6.3 inches and weighs 49 pounds. It is rated for a 30,000 pound static load, or a 5,000 pound dynamic load. Edge rackable to 2,200 pounds, they offer four-way fork entry and are ideal for use in general industry, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, and warehousing applications.

Polymer Solutions International

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