I-Beam Cantilever Rack

I-Beam Cantilever Rack

The heavy-duty storage rack eliminates damage, double handling and wasted time due to cumbersome floor storage by clearing floor space of long, heavy, odd-shaped items without the need to palletize

An alternative to awkward floor stacking or long-beamed selective racks that waste space, Steel King's new I-Beam Cantilever Rack maximizes wall storage capacity, density and selectivity while clearing floor space of long, heavy, odd-shaped items without the need to palletize.

With standard freestanding heights up to 20', arm lengths up to 8' and the capacity to hold bundle loads up to 6,000 lbs. and loads up to 20,000 lbs. on one side of the column, the I-Beam Cantilever Rack can efficiently accommodate nearly any type of load. It can free up valuable floor space and eliminate damage, double handling and wasted time due to cumbersome floor storage by safely storing long, heavy, odd-shaped items such as die racks, piping, conduit, sheet metal, building materials, or spools of cable. Since operators can run fork truck tines between its arms, there's no need to palletize when items are bundled together, saving valuable vertical storage rack space.

Because its columns, arms and base are constructed of I-Beam structural steel with a 50,000 psi minimum yield and its arms are secured to its columns with grade 5 bolted connections, the storage rack is ready for heavy-duty applications with low maintenance. Connection holes on its side, not the corners of its columns, minimize strength loss while a heavy arm connector plate holds it rigid even under heavy loads. Bases are bolted to columns, providing the flexibility to adjust base sizes to accommodate different arm requirements and to reduce the hassle and cost of shipping large one-piece units.

Unlike standard pallet racks, the I-Beam Cantilever Rack has no front column in the way and offers individual selectivity, making any load or storage slot immediately accessible. It's easier to use and faster to load and unload than standard pallet racks, lowering handling time and cost. The lack of a front column saves horizontal space normally lost to rack structure, and loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row.

Since the design of the rack is modular, it's easy to install, readily expandable, and can provide a custom design without a custom cost. It provides a variety of column widths, spacings and load combinations, as well as a varying number of arms and arm lengths.

The rack arms are bolted on independently for greater adjustability, with 4" vertical spacing allowing flexible adjustment to accommodate load capacity and position. Pre-punched connection holes enable easy arm installation, adjustment and leveling so the arms cannot "slip" out of position.

A choice of twelve standard non-toxic, lead-free colors allows color-coding the racks by use or for aesthetics.

Along with Steel King's standard, light duty and furniture-style cantilever racks, the new I-Beam Cantilever Rack offers a number of options and accessories that enhance its use including: roof brackets; removable pipe end stops; removable bolted end lips; welded lips at a variety of heights; saddles for decking support; core/axle saddles for rolls; and wire deck and drop on pans for storage of odd lengths of bar, rounds, etc.

For more info, contact Donald Heemstra at Steel King, 2700 Chamber St., Stevens Point, WI 54481; call 800-826-0203 or visit the website www.steelking.com.

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