It employs a usage fee, allowing companies to automate their packaging without capital investment and retain full purchasing control of corrugated material.

Hodgkins, IL - Pick and pack distribution firms can automate the heart of their packaging operation without capital investment using the new I-Pack® Void Reduction System.

The I-Pack® System, introduced earlier this year, fully automates the processes of corrugated tray forming and lidding, using new technology that eliminates the need for void fill material by reducing the shipping unit's dimensions to the smallest possible size. The system increases throughput, reduces labor, and minimizes packaging consumable usage.

Customers are not charged for I-Pack equipment, which includes a Tray Forming Module, Height Adjustment Module, and Lidding Module. Instead, they are assessed a usage fee as corrugated trays cycle through the system.

"This is the perfect business model for the times," said Sealed Air Business Engineer Don Liebel. "Credit is tight and financing options are limited, yet companies need to be competitive now more than ever. I-Pack® maximizes packaging efficiency and makes financing and capital budgets a non-issue."

Full purchasing control of corrugated materials is another important I-Pack® benefit. "Companies using our automation equipment are free to buy corrugated wherever they choose," said Liebel. "We absolutely do not want to get in the way of our customers' ability to select corrugated vendors that offer the best combination of price and value."

The I-Pack® System can be integrated with all ERP/WMS system software and any warehouse equipment, including conveyors, printers, scales, and sorters. The system can also operate in stand-alone mode. It is ideal for books, CD's, DVD's, and a variety of other products.

Visit Sealed Air Automation (www.sealedairautomation.com) to learn more and see a brief video.

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