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Import Traffic at U.S. Ports Rose 9% in April

Total traffic for all imports entering all U.S. ports was up 9% in April 2012, compared to the same month in 2011, according to U.S. import market data compiled by Zepol Corp.

The biggest percentage gain in imports for the month came from autos and parts imports, which were up 27% over the same month a year ago. Furniture imports were up 16% in April 2012, and mineral and stone imports were up more than 14% for the month. In fact, all categories of imports tracked by Zepol were up percentage-wise from April 2011.

On a regional basis, the busiest ports in April were on the East Coast, where import traffic was up 10.4% over a year ago. The only category to show a decline on the East Coast was textile imports, which were down -1.4%. Traffic was also up 9% at the West Coast ports, and up 4% at the Gulf Coast ports. However, activity at ports identified by Zepol as “other U.S. ports” was down more than 10%, with textiles (-32%) and electronics (-20%) showing the biggest drops over a year ago.

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