Improve Chain Visibility

Improve Chain Visibility

OnAsset Intelligence, Inc.’s Vision Software Platform is a Software-as-a-Service product for 24x7 visibility of the whereabouts and condition of high-value assets in the supply chain. Vision features intuitive mapping capabilities with custom data overlays that visualize the real-time state and location, as well as the status history, of any high value asset being tracked by OnAsset’s SENTRY devices.

Vision helps shippers manage response plans in the event of a theft or temperature alert during transit. New functionality incorporated into the latest version of Vision makes it easier for customers to create virtual perimeter “geo-fences” that track the location of cargo from origin to destination. Notifications can be customized via email; SMS; or EDI exchange.
Vision data can be integrated into the ERP systems of shippers, manufacturers, distribution centers and retail outlets, providing complete visibility for in-transit and delivery status.


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