Improve Put and Pick Accuracy

Improve Put and Pick Accuracy

With the bar code scanning feature of FastPic Systems’ inventory management software, users can improve the accuracy of put and pick transactions in material handling applications.

Instead of simply picking an item from a storage location, the operator scans the item as it is picked with a bar code scanner. FastPic5 software verifies the bar code and matches it to the part requested. The same bar code recognition feature can be used when putting or replenishing inventory. The picker scans the part and then scans the location as the part is placed into inventory, verifying it is being placed in the correct storage location. This allows storage and retrieval system operators to more accurately pick orders and replenish stock, significantly reducing mispicks and decreasing the number of returned orders.

FastPic5 software can be configured to scan bar codes by transaction, type or material keyed to storage locations. This is useful for managing high dollar value inventory items and in applications where order picking accuracy and inventory control are regulated.

This software is designed to manage manual and automated storage and retrieval systems and can be configured to control single workstations and multiple work zones. The Standard Interface Protocol provides an efficient link between host order entry systems and FastPic5 software, as well as many WMS and ERP systems. Advanced cubing algorithms in the software allow users to maximize the use of both floor space and storage space.

FastPic Systems

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