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Improve Your Power Factor

Improve Your Power Factor

Staco Energy Products’ StacoVAR fixed capacitors are for power factor correction and harmonic compensation in indoor or outdoor applications with voltages from 240Vac to 600 Vac. Equipped with fusing and blown-fuse indicator lights as standard, these complete assemblies are ideal for improving power factor where induction motors are located, including manufacturing facilities, food and beverage processing, warehousing and distribution centers, water and wastewater treatment plants, and more.

These metalized polypropylene capacitors are self-healing to prevent permanent dielectric breakdown. Each capacitor is designed for a long service life over a wide temperature range. Pressure sensitive circuit interruption within the capacitor allows the units to be safely removed from service under heavy fault conditions while maintaining case integrity. External discharge resistors allow voltage to be reduced to 50 volts or less in one minute.

Staco Energy Products Company

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