Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Exostar’s Supply Chain Platform (SCP) 2 enables organizations of all sizes to optimize business processes and information flows to and from their supply chain partners. It helps with automation and exception management, reduces supplier risk through real-time visibility, and increases supply chain scalability to fuel growth.

SCP 2 comes complete with pre-configured templates that capture best practices and lessons learned from supply chain management projects. By including workflows for the most common supply chain business processes, such as order management and inventory management, SCP 2 allows customers to take advantage of a 90/10 deployment model. With as much as 90% of a customer’s needs available out-of-the-box, Exostar says a solution can be up and running in 10 weeks.

The Managed Access Gateway (MAG) enables customers to capture the advantages of cloud computing without concern that their intellectual property will be compromised by unauthorized users.


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