Mettler Toledo, has announced the launch of its IND226x, a weighing terminal that has received a full range of approvals for worldwide use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, uniting safety, productivity and quality.

The IND226x weighing terminal, dueto its IP66-protected stainless steel housing, is able to withstand the toughest operating and cleaning conditions in chemical and pharmaceutical facilities worldwide. It is for this reason that the terminal has been met with overwhelming approval for use in harsh industrial environments. In fact, Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale (OIML), National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) metrological approvals and international Ex certifications each allow for global use of the terminal in the hazardous area of zone 1/21.

With myriad functionalities in place, the IND226x provides far-reaching benefits to its users. Exact container filling is guaranteed, thanks to the dual efforts of aseven-segment LED display and integrated over/under control weighing mode. Simple handling and effortless processing are also ensured, through functions such as MinWeigh™, which guarantees weighing within acceptable limits, and CalFREE™, which allows for electronic calibration with weighing modules. As an added benefit to users, the IND226x is compatible with all of Mettler Toledo’s analog weighing platforms.

The IND226x is equipped with the mountable IND serial data interface and ACM200 interface converter, thereby enabling its connection to PCs or printers via an RS232 interface. This capability is ideal for hazardous areas as the IND226x can be connected as a remote display via the serial remote interface. Moreover, the IND226x’s various power supply options allow for its use in a wide range of application areas—including mobile weighing via a mains-free rechargeable battery. Thus, from optimum weighing solutions to an easy-to-use user interface, it is clear that the IND226x is designed with users in mind.

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