Indian Logistics report

A liberalizing market, massive investment in infrastructure, increasing levels of disposable income and dynamic manufacturing and retail sectors are combining to produce a market environment which could one day rival the fast moving Chinese economy, according to a new report from Research & Markets Ltd. (

However as with the Chinese market there are many challenges for the industry. Congestion, fragmentation, over regulation and a weak transport network are holding back the industry. There are many risks for western companies attempting to enter the market, although this hasn’t prevented the major global logistics operators from establishing a presence.

India Transport & Logistics 2005 provides comprehensive intelligence on the Indian market. The report is essential reading for anyone doing, or thinking of doing business in this fast moving but challenging market.

The report offers:
• A detailed examination and analysis of the Indian transport infrastructure including road, rail, air and sea.
• An extensive briefing on the key vertical sectors with the Indian economy: high tech, healthcare/pharma, automotive, retail/consumer and textiles/fashion.
• An extensive review of the key structural trends within the Indian express and logistics market including reforms and de-regulation.
• Market sizing and forecasts for the logistics and express segments.
• 25 profiles of the leading transport, logistics and express companies including major players such as UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL as well as leading Indian operators.
• Analysis of the implementation of supply chain management techniques by Indian manufacturers and retailers and the likely impact of outsourcing on the supply side.

The India Transport & Logistics Report is an authoritative source of information on the Indian market. It is vital intelligence for logistics companies wishing to establish or expand their operations throughout the country, providing information not only on competitors, potential partners and the market environment but also on clients and key vertical sectors.

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