Indoor Crane, Clean and Powerful

Indoor Crane, Clean and Powerful

Air Technical Industries’ RBC-50000SPBW self-propelled walk-behind mobile crane has a 50,000 lb. capacity and lifts up to 240 inches high. Powered by a 48V DC battery, and with solid state controls, the crane is designed for indoor applications where heavy components need to be lifted, transported, positioned, installed and assembled. It is self-propelled with infinitely variable speed controls, and features power steering with sharp turning to each side for easy maneuverability.

The crane’s powered telescopic boom will reach beyond, over and under, or into hard to reach places. Applications include assembly work, loading trucks and container handling. It travels on 10 polyurethane wheels to reduce and spread floor loading and to protect the floor. An automatic braking system is built into drive wheel motors, and is applied when the controls are released. The travel speed is from 0-3 MPH.

The RBC-50000SPBW is made in America with heavy-duty steel welded construction.

Air Technical Industries

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