Industrial Mobile Computers

Industrial Mobile Computers

CipherLab’s CP40 industrial mobile computers come embedded with Windows Mobile software and include a built-in scanner, camera and phone. With Internet access and a rugged form factor, these handhelds support workforces at the warehouse or in the field.

The CipherLab CP40 and CP45 have a lightweight, thin and ergonomic form factor. All the units are less than an inch thick and come bundled with a communication/charging cradle, spare battery, USB cable, power supply, headphones and extra stylus.

WWAN (wireless wide area network) technology enables a user to transmit data on the go, or even make a phone call to other locations from the handheld. A pistol grip option makes for faster scanning, while a touch screen enables signature capture and a receipt can easily be generated through WPAN (wireless personal area network) connection to a portable printer.

The CP40 Series also offers RFID (radio frequency identification) for asset tracking in the warehouse or manufacturing process. Built-in cameras capture quality defects and validate builds. Where real-time data sharing is essential, WLAN (wireless local area network) can be used for wireless access to enterprise resource planning software.


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