Info-Tech Research Group: Most IT Departments Were Not Sufficiently Prepared for Blackout

LONDON, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--More than 60% of IT departments did not have formal plans and procedures in place to deal with the blackout, according to a recent survey of US companies conducted by Info-Tech Research Group, a leading technology research firm. Although more than 76% of companies surveyed said that the blackout had an impact on their organization, most of them admitted that they were not sufficiently prepared.

"I think that this blackout demonstrated that most IT departments, especially those in mid-sized companies, are still flying by the seat of their pants," said Jason Livingstone, Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. "Disaster recovery planning is simply not on their list of priorities."

82% of companies are concerned that another blackout will hit their area within the next twelve months, and they are taking steps to ensure that they will be better prepared for the next time. "On a positive note, I think that this blackout was a wake-up call for a lot of companies," said Livingstone. "63% of those surveyed said that they were either going to create a new disaster recovery plan, or update an existing plan."

Other than reviewing and updating their plans, the study also showed that companies are looking into other precautions. 20% said that they were planning on purchasing a backup generator, and another 18% said that they were going to review their agreements with their service providers.

One other piece of insight from the survey that will send shivers down the spines of managers everywhere: while 76% of IT managers said that the blackout had an impact on their company, 67% of them said that it had no financial impact whatsoever. This suggests that IT and business still have not bridged the gap. 13% said that the blackout cost their organization more than $5 million dollars.

Info-Tech Research Group ( is a research and professional services firm focused on providing premium research and advice geared to the specific needs of IT Managers of mid-sized organizations.

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