Insight and Optiant Sign Deal

Insight Inc., an international provider of supply chain planning solutions for the world's foremost companies, and Optiant Inc., the leader in supply chain design and optimization solutions, announced a partnership to jointly sell and market their complementary software. This relationship, driven by the synergy of Insight SAILS 21 and the Optiant PowerChain suite, extends Insight's optimum network design with Optiant's supply chain design and inventory optimization solutions. Optiant and Insight benefit from cross-selling opportunities and a more comprehensive offering in the heart of the strategic supply chain planning market. Customers benefit from supply chains strategically designed to anticipate real-world supply and demand uncertainties, bringing profitable products to market quickly.

"Optiant's software expands Insight's software and service offering, providing our clients with clear-cut strategies and prioritization to achieve their supply chain initiatives for higher customer service levels, lower inventory costs, and improved cash-to-cash cycles," said Mike Finley, president of Insight Inc. "We are pleased to offer Optiant's PowerChain suite, which is the natural extension of our network design software.”

These two best-in-class software solutions, designed to help enterprises cut costs and improve delivery performance, will serve the fastest growing segment of the supply chain management market: strategic supply chain planning. This relationship expands Insight's alliance program, which includes best-of-breed software and OEM users of Insight's power X-System optimization engine.

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