Inspect for Crane Safety

Inspect for Crane Safety

The Critical Component Assessment from Konecranes is an advanced inspection process utilizing non-destructive technology (NDT), which uncovers defects and deficiencies in critical load-bearing and safety-related overhead lifting components that are not typically discovered during routine crane inspections.

Certified inspectors perform critical component assessment inspections using thermal imaging and electromagnetic-inductive technology to assess the condition of critical components such as: internal wires, strands, and wire rope core; mechanical coupling between hoist motor and gear box; motor winding insulation; gear box and mechanical load brakes; and mechanical components. A complete bottom block hook inspection using NDT can also be conducted to check for cumulative fatigue that could lead to hook failure.

A comprehensive report helps customers make informed decisions on how to maximize the service life and use of equipment, prioritize maintenance schedules and forecast maintenance expenses.


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