Intek Replaces Norcos Legacy Software

Intek Integration Technologies Inc. was awarded the carousel control contract to replace the existing legacy software at Norco’s 35,000-square-foot distribution center in Boise, Idaho.

Norco, a national welding, safety and homecare medical supplies dealer, began searching for a replacement for its existing White System’s MMS ICO carousel software that is approaching the end of its lifecycle. FKI Logistex, the parent company of carousel manufacturer, White Systems, suggested Intek’s carousel control solution as a replacement for its legacy system. Based on Intek’s long-term relationship with FKI Logistex and numerous customer references, Norco selected Intek’s carousel solution.

Intek’s solution offered Norco complete control over carousel inventory. Support of multiple, random locations for carousel inventory as well as unique methodologies for optimization of order selection and storage routines will further enhance operations at Norco. Intek’s supply chain visibility provides extensive reporting functionality that will monitor efficiency increases in the warehouse.

“We were impressed with Intek’s positive long-term customer relationships and consistent ROI record,” said Jim Carlin, Norco warehouse manager. “Once Intek’s ROI analysis is proven out with the carousels, our intention is to go with Intek’s full warehouse management system, Warehouse Librarian.”

“We are happy to continue our partnership with FKI Logistex and implement a completely integrated carousel solution at Norco, “said Stan McLean, Intek VP of sales & business development. ”Warehouse Librarian is a scaleable solution that is flexible enough to meet Norco’s business challenges. We look forward to helping Norco fully optimize its warehouse operations and achieve its projected ROI.”

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