New IntelliGen™ variable speed brushless blowers feature an advanced electronic drive controller to promote high performance and reliability in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Their electronic drive further incorporates a state-of-the-art factory-programmed digital signal processor (DSP) offering the capability to customize for specific end-user requirements.

These “next generation” blowers deliver high air pressures/vacuums to satisfy material handling applications using air. Industries typically benefiting from this technology include injection molding and plastics, packaging, chemical processing, and medical, among others.

The blowers provide compact solutions with a maximum diameter size of 5.7 in. (145mm) and heights ranging from 5.30 in. (134.62mm) to 6.87 in. (174.50mm), depending on model. Blowers weigh less than 7 lbs.

IntelliGen blowers operate from AC line voltages of 120VAC or 240VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase. Internal electronics convert the AC to DC. Users can realize maximum sealed vacuum capabilities up to 120 in. of H20 (284 mbar) and maximum wide-open flow to 280 CFM (130 liters/sec.).

Variable speed control can be achieved by an internally adjusted speed control with onboard potentiometer or an external DC control. Blowers can be programmed to maintain a constant pressure over a wide range of flow or accurately maintain a ratio of specific speed/output pressure to the user’s speed command input signal. Various option cards can further expand blower capabilities.

All IntelliGen blowers are rugged and virtually maintenance-free.

Contact Jon Schultz, AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products, 627 Lake Street, Kent, OH 44240. Phone: 330-673-3452. Fax: 330-677-3306. Web site:

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