Intelligent Carton Clamp

Intelligent Carton Clamp

Homewood, IL...Brudi Bolzoni Auramo has announced the introduction of the ETX-G3S Intelligent Carton Clamp that utilizes advanced technology to reduce product damage during load handling. The new ETX-G3S has been designed for industries where variations in clamping pressure can produce significant loss claims.

The ETX-G3S uses a microprocessor-controlled system to automatically adjust clamping force. These parameters are pre-determined by the end-user based upon product and load guidelines. The electronics are interlinked with BBA's advanced hydraulic technology to ensure effective and accurate clamp pressure control. Load configuration data is collected on a real-time basis through three different sensor sets: opening sensors to determine the number of load units wide, slip sensors to decide the number of units deep and infrared sensors to assess the number of units high. Using these data, the ETX control unit instantly directs the proportional valve to adjust the hydraulic pressure in the clamping cylinder to fit the load.

In all other respects the ETX-G3S is constructed and operates like other BBA clamps. It features load capacities up to 3,500 pounds, uses BBA's Double-T profiles with durable all-steel construction. Clamping pressure is equalized top-to-bottom and front-to-back.

Brudi Bolzoni Auramo manufactures over 1,700 productivity-building forklift attachments. With headquarter operations supporting parts and service in Homewood, Illinois, BBA attachments are sold and serviced by over 1,500 lift truck dealers nationwide.

Gary Hyslop
Brudi Bolzoni Auramo
17635 Hoffman Way
Homewood, IL 60430
Phone: 800-358-5438
FAX: 708-957-8832

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