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Intelligrated Automated Systems

Intelligrated Automated Systems

Intelligrated launches Real Time Solutions multicolor Trak3 pick-to-light hardware, order fulfillment software, and mobile applications for iPhone and other browser-based smart phones.

The Trak3 display features multicolored indicator lights, allowing four order fillers per zone, simultaneous filling of multiple orders, or the ability to direct operators to perform value-added services. Updated workload status screens allow supervisors to make immediate zone assessments and view deployed workers with their associated color during demanding times.

The company also releases its RF Assist application that allows operators to handle hot orders or exceptions using RF or voice-directed activity without interfering with pick-to-light operations.

In addition, Intelligrated’s new smart phone applications provide DC supervisors with quick access to productivity and labor-related information. Supervisors can also get an inside status view of a carton using the iPhone’s camera or by typing in a UPC code.


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