Intermec Introduces Gen 2 RFID Forklift Reader

Intermec Technologies Corp. (Everett, Wash.) introduced the multi-protocol Intermec IV7 Intellitag vehicle-mount RFID reader. The device reads Gen 2 tags from multiple manufacturers based on all major global RFID standards, including EPCglobal Gen 2, Gen 1 and ISO 18000-6b. The IV7 is designed to interface serially to Windows-based, vehicle-mounted computers and is built to withstand the rigors of harsh, industrial environments.

The vehicle-mount system provides flexibility when reading tags from areas that are not near the location of a fixed reader and reportedly offers cost advantages in environments where the number of dock doors is significantly larger than the number of fork trucks. The IV7 can individually control up to four antennas, giving it the ability to perform optimally in different RFID environments, including reading pallet tags for shipping/receiving applications, warehouse shelf location tags for directed put away applications, case tags for pallet building applications and asset tracking tags.

Source: Intermec Technologies Corp.

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