Intermec Selects Broadcom Wi-Fi Technology

Intermec Inc. (Everett, Wash.) has selected semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom (Irvine, Calif.) to supply advanced Wi-Fi technology for Intermec wireless mobile computers, including the new CN3 and CV30. Broadcom's highly-integrated AirForce One single-chip Wi-Fi radio is among the most compact IEEE 802.11 chipsets in the industry, allowing high-quality wireless LAN connectivity in small electronic devices.

The addition of Broadcom's technology optimizes Intermec device security, roaming and interoperability and higher levels of integration, power savings and voice over IP performance. The chipsets are designed to withstand the high levels of radio frequency noise found in environments such as industrial and warehousing applications.

The CN3, the smallest rugged mobile computer in the world, is packed with communications capabilities. With integrated GPS capabilities and Broadcom Bluetooth technology, the CN3 increases efficiency and improves safety by enabling onscreen and hands-free turn-by-turn voice navigation. With 3G WAN and Cisco Compatible WiFi connectivity, users can be connected with voice and high-speed data anywhere, increasing their flexibility and productivity. Flexibility is increased even further by the ability to choose between GSM/EDGE and CDMA/EV-DO. And the choice between area imager and 1.3 megapixel camera means CN3 users can scan and decode any kind of barcode or capture still images, such as signatures or video images that can be stored for later use or sent immediately anywhere in the world.

Source: Intermec

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