Monarch Hydraulics, Dyna-Lift Division would like to introduce its brand new patented 3,000 LBS. capacity INTERMEDIATE DYNA-LIFT system. The INTERMEDIATE DYNA-LIFT is for O.E.M. and retrofit height adjustable applications featuring a four cylinder system with 12" stroke and a lifting capacity of 3,000 LBS. The new INTERMEDIATE DYNA-LIFT ergonomic system is now available for raising and lowering industrial workbenches, welding fixtures, and specialty machines for optimum worker comfort and position.

Whether you are lifting up to 1,000 LBS. with the DYNA-LIFT, 3,000 LBS. with the new INTERMEDIATE DYNA-LIFT, or up to 20,000 LBS. with the SUPER DYNA-LIFT, Monarch Hydraulics provides the right ergonomic solution for your height adjustable needs. Kits are available for easy mounting to existing equipment or original equipment designs. Made in the USA by a ISO 9001 Registered facility.

For more information and a free video please contact:
Monarch Hydraulics Inc., DYNA-LIFT Division, 1363 Michigan Street, N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Phone (616) 458-1306 Fax (616) 458-0079. Or visit
us on the Web at for a free demo.

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