Intermodal Needs $2 Billion Annually

One example of a successful intermodal project offered by CAGTC is the funding of the Freight Action Strategy Corridor, known as the FAST Corridor. Funded under TEA-21, the FAST Corridor is a collection of grade separations and port access projects across Washington State designed to improve safety and streamline freight movement.

Senator Barbara Boxer, a member of the Environmental and Public Works Committee, responded saying, "Trade is the lifeblood of the economy in many ways." She continued, adding, "It's in the public interest to have a transportation system and a highway system that works efficiently."

Among the unmet needs identified in the CAGTC report "America's Freight Is America's Future: Succeeding Through Borders and Corridors" is a rail switching yard relocation in Rutland, VT. In addition to improving goods movement, it would reduce the movement of hazardous materials through a populated area.

"We know the current funding level for the Borders and Corridors program, at just $140 million a year, doesn't come close to meeting our needs," said Senator Patty Murray, ranking member, Transportation, Treasury and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee. Murray pointed out that requests have exceeded available funds by 15 to 1.

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