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International Paper Employs Warehouse Tracking System

LONG BEACH, CA - November 4, 2003- Apriso Corporation announced today that its FlexNet® software is being utilized by International Paper at its recently revealed radio frequency identification enabled warehouse in Texarkana, Texas. International Paper's first-of-its-kind Warehouse Tracking System allows it to track the physical location of paper rolls and transmit routing instructions to forklift operators in real time using RFID.

FlexNet's Web-services-based warehousing and inventory management applications were interfaced with International Paper's RFID inventory location application to provide real-time workflow instructions.

"The flexibility and high connectivity of FlexNet's database and workflow engine is a strong fit with the Warehouse Tracking System," said Michael Anderson, IT manager at International Paper.

"There has been a lot of excitement about RFID recently," said Adam Bartkowski, president and CEO of Apriso. "with much focus on the tags, and the supporting electronics. But RFID is all about connectivity to real-time events that can immensely improve business operations and intelligence. We are proud to work alongside of IP in its groundbreaking Warehouse Tracking System."

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