International Paper Partners with NACCO Materials Handling Group Inc.

"We introduced the industry's first RFID enabled forklift solution earlier this year, and this partnership builds on that success," says Alan Clark, general manager of International Paper's Smart Packaging business. "We are giving our customers the option of purchasing a lift truck already equipped with RFID technology or purchasing an RFID solution that we install on their existing equipment."

To offer this RFID-ready product, NMHG builds the vehicles and IP's Smart Packaging business equips them with an RFID solution designed to meet its customers' needs.

"NACCO Materials Handling Group is enthusiastic about our cooperation with International Paper's Smart Packaging Group," says Ash Bansal, director of marketing strategy, NMHG. “Their unique mobile RFID technology has tremendous potential to help companies transform the efficiency of their supply chains to improve profitability."

The RFID-ready lift trucks consist of rugged readers and locator technology that exceed industrial requirements for surviving tough environments in warehouse operations. The lift trucks read Electronic Product Code (EPC) pallet tags and track every product movement in the warehouse. With the combined use of RFID and other proprietary technologies, the lift trucks even monitor and report their own location and health status information in real-time through wireless messaging.

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NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG)

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